Brownie film 2

Film 2

I switched from Ilford’s HP5 Plus film to the Delta variety for my second set of exposures. Which one do I prefer? At the time of writing, I haven’t a clue but habit has kept me on Delta ever since. Habit, or the familiarity with a Greek letter so often used in mathematics.

In any case, I had summoned up sufficient courage to start introducing my Number 2 Brownie to my friends. There were a few blips along the way (for example, walking around oblivious to the fact that I had kept the shutter open) and I realised that artificially lit rooms require exposures far longer than 1/50th of a second.

However, there were enough decent photos that came back from the developers to make me persevere.

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Exposure 1
Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, f/16, ~1s

My first group photo, of people I had spent four years and a lifetime with, in a place familiar to us all. I didn’t quite manage to fit everyone in: there were many more people to the right.

Exposure 4
Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, f/22, ~0.5s

The slightly washed out tinge: a gauze stretched over the scene, reminding us that an image represents a unique moment in time that will remain unreachable forever after.

Exposure 7
Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, f/22, ~1.5s

Good friends, looking at me from the past. Slightly blurred, maybe because we were on a boat moored on the Thames, swaying up and down with happy memories.

Exposure 8
Dreaming of the High Routes
Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, f/22, ~1.5s

We’re planning a trek, up in the Dolomites: it’s a walk that will be documented by my Number 2 Brownie, so it’s only right that it should be there at the start.