I am giving a talk at the Pint of Science (Birmingham) festival on the 15 May 2018.  It will be a romp through the history of aerodynamic research; before me, Professor Dave Smith will be telling us about the fluid dynamics of the body.  Tickets can be found here; while the pints are in the pub…


P. Servini, F. T. Smith, A. P. Rothmayer.  The impact of dynamic roughness elements on marginally separated boundary layers.  (Submitted.)

P. Servini, F. T. Smith, A. P. Rothmayer. The impact of static and dynamic roughness elements on flow separation. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 830 (2017), 35–62.

My PhD thesis, Roughing up wings: Boundary layer separation over static and dynamic roughness elements (2018), supervised by Professor Frank Smith.

My Master’s thesis, Multiple equilibria for flow over topography in a β-plane channel (2011), supervised by Dr Michael Davey.

Non-academic (mathematics)

The mathematics of human migration, Chalkdust online, July 2017 (with Rafael Prieto Curiel and Nikoleta Kalaydzhieva)

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Should you buy a Valentine’s day present?, Chalkdust online, February 2016 (with Alex Doak, Rudolf Kohúlak and Rafael Prieto Curiel)

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A Fields medal at UCL: Klaus Roth, Chalkdust Issue 01, March 2015


The Graziani Memorial, Anglo-Ethiopian Society News File, Winter 2015