There are mountains on the horizon. It’s their snow-capped peaks I see, hard and austere like the discarded masterpieces of sculptor Time, who with a giant chisel has carved out the peaks and wrinkles in these old friends.

No, not friends. Not quite. Gerard W Hughes, a Jesuit priest who, in 1975, walked from Weybridge (Surrey, England) to Rome, wrote that mountains are

touchy about over-familiarity. […] If you treat [them] with respect they will share their secrets with you, but if you take liberties, they can brush you aside to your death

and I can only agree. The mountains are aloft and aloof and have frequently forced me deep within myself, where I’ve had to confront my innermost me. They’re life’s courtroom, and your soul is on trial, and you are both the judge and the jury, defendant and accused. The mountains, as I’ve said, are too far above our sphere of being to care about being either—although sometimes, usually when they have deigned to notice our sin of disrespect, they take the role of executioner.

I was born in the shadow of the mountains, and I carry their shadow around with me in my heart. Life is a journey, and it’s a journey through mountainous, often uncharted territory. We must make our own way. It is a journey characterised by deep shadows neglected by the sun just as much as high peaks with sweeping vistas; by hardship and exhaustion as well as glorious pauses in verdant meadows or moments spent snatching water from a spring, briefly at one with geological timescales.

These pages are a collection of my thoughts, writings and photographs from a life of wandering: a wandering that is usually more a wondering, which is much the same thing; more mental than physical, through the places and histories and creations, real or imagined, that have interested me.

As I write this, I don’t know what will make it onto these pages, but perhaps you might find a way-marker, or just a loose stone, that you recognise as part of your own journey.

The tabs at the top of this page represent various projects or ideas I have explored, however briefly or in-depth, for some period of time. Photography has always interested me, and so photographs feature quite heavily, whatever the subject. Clicking on the links will take you to their own “home page”, as might be expected, from where you will be able to explore their contents. This site is not the easiest to navigate and individual pages not the simplest to find, but that is the intention: life is not designed to be easy to negotiate.

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