There’s a well trodden path in the long grass, and one day I found it and took it too. I left academia and followed in the footsteps of many other mathematicians to the fields of data science. The landscapes there are vast too and the question of “what is a data scientist?” as meaningless as that of “what is a fluid dynamicist?”. Just as fluid dynamics is the study of liquids or gases (and when it comes to glaciers, the definition can be rather loose), data science encompasses anything that involves data.

There are two pages here. There is a wealth of data out there, and amidst the cacophony are countless stories. Finding them, and telling them, requires an ability to bring together science and art. I do not claim to have this, but I have an interest in both, and that’s a start. The other page is more generic and touches anything else. That’s vague, but this is for pleasure, so I can afford to be so.