Brownie film 3

Film 3

I had numerous visitors from far-flung places in late 2018, friends from bygone years whom life had spread throughout the world. Taking their photo was a fascinating experience: once I had decided on the exposure, I was free to look at them directly—rather than through a lens—and see how they reacted to the experience of remaining motionless in front of an object that came from a past they could not imagine.

Exposure 1
Man, contemplating on hope

Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, f/16, ~3.5s
With camera balanced on a ledge, tilted by a diverse concoction of books and winter accoutrements, straining to see through the viewfinder, I got lucky. Lucky also in that I couldn’t have improved the focus—dictated in some way by the light passing through the shutter and hitting the film—if I’d tried.

Exposure 2
Friends, and alcoholic haze

Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, f/16, ~6s
A dimly lit pub, kegs of beer being constantly changed, the contentment of tradition. I don’t think I could have gotten away with a longer exposure.

Exposure 5
Man, by pub, looking outwards

Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, f/22, ~5s
A light, illuminating the side of the face, went out while taking this picture. Perhaps it made my subject slightly darker and fuzzier than the pub doorway. Perhaps there’s some deeper significance.

Exposure 6

Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, f/32, ~1.5s
This photo has really grown on me: my friend, with London looming behind him. Also my first at the highest f-stop possible.

Exposure 7

Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, f/16, ~2s
The flower thrived on the exposure (but flowers always thrive on light), but the position of the window (or my placement of my friend) wasn’t so great.

Exposure 8
Dinner party

Ilford Delta 120, ISO 400, ?, ?
I failed to record the details of the exposure for this one: the wine and spirits had flowed and made me forget. I also didn’t notice the light bulb in the picture.