It started with a maths teacher at school. He was describing a beautiful lake—crystal clear, azure waters, reflecting pale Dolomitic rock, fringed with pines. He stopped, and looked at us quizzically; we, in turn, stared back at him blankly. Of course, he said. How silly of him. He was describing the lake as though we could see it too, as though we were standing right beside him, gazing at it. We weren’t: we were still far below, dragging ourselves wearily up a mountain path under the scorching sun.

But I decided that I, too, wanted to see the lake.

These pages contain my mathematical works and scribblings, or, more probably, links to those published elsewhere. Maths is a beautiful subject and provides us with the ability to understand the world, both physical and social, around us. (I hold my hand up: I’m an applied mathematician, although I acknowledge the wonders of the pure with its countless lakes I have heard others speak of.)

I flitted in and out, in and out of academia, but learning never stops and the realms in which mathematics can be applied are boundless.